NBN EN ISO 52000-1:2017

Energy performance of buildings - Overarching EPB assessment - Part 1: General framework and procedures (ISO 52000-1:2017)


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German, English and French
Standards committee
Publication date
23 August 2017
NBN EN 15603:2008
ICS Code
91.120.10 (Thermal insulation of buildings)
Withdrawn Date

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ISO 52000-1:2017 establishes a systematic, comprehensive and modular structure for assessing the energy performance of new and existing buildings (EPB) in a holistic way.
It is applicable to the assessment of overall energy use of a building, by measurement or calculation, and the calculation of energy performance in terms of primary energy or other energy-related metrics. It takes into account the specific possibilities and limitations for the different applications, such as building design, new buildings ' as built' , and existing buildings in the use phase as well as renovation.
NOTE Table 1 in the Introduction shows the relative position of ISO 52000-1:2017 within the set of EPB standards in the context of the modular structure as set out in ISO 52000-1:2017.