NBN EN ISO 22516:2021

Paints and varnishes - Practical determination of non-volatile and volatile matter content during application (ISO 22516:2019)


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German, English and French
Standards committee
CEN/TC 139
Publication date
27 January 2021
ICS Code
87.040 (Paints and varnishes)
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This document specifies a test method for the determination of non-volatile matter of coatings directly after application or after intermediate or final drying. In practice, the determination of volatile matter is applied particularly in regard to water-thinnable coatings which are re-coated with an additional coating material.
Furthermore, the method can be used to compare the efficiency of different application and drying methods.
The content of non-volatile or volatile matter of a product after application is no absolute variable but depends on the application and drying conditions applied during the test. Consequently, applying this method gives only relative values and not the real values for the content of non-volatile matter, due to solvent retention, thermal decomposition and evaporation of low-molecular contents.