CWA 16926-61:2015

Extensions for Financial Services (XFS) interface specification Release 3.30 - Part 61: Application Programming Interface (API) - Migration from Version 3.20 (CWA 16374) to Version 3.30 (this CWA) - Service Provider Interface (SPI) - Programmer's Reference


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Standards committee
Publication date
12 August 2015
ICS Code
35.200 (Interface and interconnection equipment)
35.240.15 (Identification cards. Chip cards. Biometrics)
35.240.40 (IT applications in banking)
Withdrawn Date
15 February 2020

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This document describes the migration that is necessary from Version 3.20 (CWA 16374) to Version 3.30 (this CWA).
A key element of the Extensions for Financial Services is the definition of a set of APIs, a corresponding set of SPIs, and supporting services, providing access to financial services for Windows-based applications. The definition of the functionality of the services, of the architecture, and of the API and SPI sets, is outlined in this section, and described in detail in Sections 5 through 10.
The specification defines a standard set of interfaces such that, for example, an application that uses the API set to communicate with a particular Service Provider can work with a Service Provider of another conformant vendor, without any changes.
Although the Extensions for Financial Services define a general architecture for access to Service Providers from Windows-based applications, the initial focus of the CEN/ XFS Workshop has been on providing access to peripheral devices that are unique to financial institutions. Since these devices are often complex, difficult to manage and proprietary, the development of a standardized interface to them from Windows-based applications and Windows operating systems can offer financial institutions and their solution providers immediate enhancements to productivity and flexibility.