NBN EN 15182-3:2019

Portable equipment for projecting extinguishing agents supplied by firefighting pumps - Hand-held branchpipes for fire service use - Part 3: Smooth bore jet and/or one fixed spray jet angle branchpipes PN 16


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German, English and French
Standards committee
Publication date
25 September 2019
NBN EN 15182-3+A1:2010
ICS Code
13.220.10 (Fire-fighting)
Withdrawn Date

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In addition to the requirements given in EN 15182-1:2019, this document applies to hand-held branchpipes with smooth bore jet and/ or one fixed spray jet angle branchpipes with a nominal pressure of 16 bar (1,6 MPa) PN 16, with a maximum flow rate up to 1 000 l/ min at a reference pressure of 6 bar (0,6 MPa). It deals with:
- safety requirements
- performance requirements
- test methods.
This document applies to branchpipes as defined in Annex A of EN 15182-1:2019.
WARNING 1 — These branchpipes offer no or inadequate protection for firefighters when the spray angle is less than 30 ° and therefore, are not be used in high risk firefighting situations such as internal attack.
WARNING 2 — These branchpipes should not be used when fighting fires in or near electrical installations when the spray angle is less than 30° without written authorization from the manufacturer in the manual. This authorization from the manufacturer includes safety distances.