CEN/TS 17455:2020

Animal feeding stuffs - Methods of sampling and analysis - Performance criteria for single laboratory validated and ring-trial validated methods of analysis for the determination of mycotoxins


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German, English and French
Standards committee
CEN/TC 327
Publication date
25 April 2020
ICS Code
65.120 (Animal feeding stuffs)
71.040.50 (Physicochemical methods of analysis)
Withdrawn Date

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This document specifies performance criteria for the selection of single-laboratory validated or collaborative study validated methods of analysis of mycotoxins in feed. The terms and definition of the relevant parameters for method validation are included. The performance requirements and characteristics are provided. This document could serve as a guide:
- to assess the quality of new European Standard methods under validation
- to review the quality of previous collaborative trials
- to confirm the extension of the scope of an already published European Standard applied to other analyte concentrations or matrices or
- to evaluate the fitness-for-purpose of single-validated methods.
The performance criteria can apply to methods dedicated to the determination of mycotoxins.