NBN EN IEC 60079-17:2024

Explosive atmospheres - Part 17: Electrical installations inspection and maintenance


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German, English and French
NBN Electro
Publication date
14 January 2024
NBN EN 60079-17:2014
ICS Code
29.260.20 (Electrical apparatus for explosive atmospheres)
Withdrawn Date
€ 252,00

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This part of the IEC 60079 series applies to users and covers only those factors directly related to the inspection and maintenance of electrical installations specifically designed for hazardous areas, where the hazard may be caused by explosive gas or explosive dust atmospheres.
It does not include:
- other fundamental installation and inspection requirements for electrical installations
- the verification of electrical equipment
- protection or ventilation of rooms
- gas detection systems
- the repair and overhaul of explosion protected equipment (see IEC 60079-19).
While this standard does not include inspection of safety devices such as used in ventilated rooms (see 60079-13), this standard does include the requirements for inspection and maintenance of individual items of equipment that will be part of such systems, for example motors or sensors.
This standard supplements the requirements for inspection and testing in non-hazardous areas in IEC 60364-6.
NOTE 1 Standards applied at the date of installation might not have been IEC standards.
This standard is intended to be applied where there can be a risk due to the presence of explosive gas or dust mixtures with air or combustible dust layers under normal atmospheric conditions. It does not apply to:
- underground mining areas,
- dusts of explosives,
- pyrophoric substances.