HD 629.2 S3:2024

Test requirements for accessories for use on power cables of rated voltage from 3,6/6(7,2) kV up to 20,8/36(42) kV - Part 2: Cables with impregnated paper insulation


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Publication date
21 January 2024
ICS Code
29.060.20 (Cables)
Withdrawn Date
€ 142,00

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1.1 General
This document specifies performance requirements for type tests for cable accessories for use on impregnated paper insulated power cables as specified in HD 621.
It is not necessary to repeat these tests, once successfully completed, unless changes are made in the materials, design or manufacturing process, which might affect the performance characteristics.
Accessories for special applications such as submarine cables, ships cables or hazardous situations (explosive environments, fire resistant cables or seismic conditions) are not included.
Test methods are included in EN 61442:2005.
NOTE It might be possible, subject to agreement between supplier and purchaser, and/ or the relevant conformity assessment body, to demonstrate that conformity to the earlier standard can be used to claim conformity to this document, provided an assessment is made of any additional type testing that might need to be carried out. Any such additional testing that is part of a sequence of testing cannot be done separately.
1.2 Type of accessories
The accessories covered by this document are listed below:
- indoor and outdoor terminations of all designs, including terminal boxes
- straight joints, branch joints and stop end joints of all designs, suitable for use underground or in air
- screened or unscreened plug-in type or bolted-type separable connectors capable of interfacing with bushing profiles as specified in EN 50180 series and EN 50181.
1.3 Rated voltage
The rated voltages U0/ U(Um) of the accessories covered by this document are 3,6/ 6(7,2) - 3,8/ 6,6(7,2) - 6/ 10(12) - 6,35/ 11(12) - 8,7/ 15(17,5) - 12/ 20(24) - 12,7/ 22(24) - 18/ 30(36) - 19/ 33(36) - 20,8/ 36(42) kV.