NBN EN IEC 60034-27-2:2024

Rotating electrical machines - Part 27-2: On-line partial discharge measurements on the stator winding insulation


About this standard

English and French
NBN Electro
Publication date
21 January 2024
ICS Code
29.160.01 (Rotating machinery in general)
Withdrawn Date
€ 317,00

About this training


IEC 60034-27-2:2023 deals with on-line PD measurements and provides a common basis with standardized procedures if possible for:

- measuring techniques and instruments

- the arrangement of the installation

- normalization and sensitivity assessment

- measuring procedures

- noise reduction

- the documentation of results

- the interpretation of results

with respect to partial discharge on-line measurements on the stator winding insulation of non‑converter driven rotating electrical machines with rated voltage of 3 kV and up. This document covers PD measuring systems and methods detecting electrical PD signals. The same measuring devices and procedures can also be used to detect electrical sparking and arcing phenomena.