NBN EN IEC 60938-2-1:2024

Fixed inductors for electromagnetic interference suppression - Part 2-1: Blank detail specification - Inductors for which safety tests are required


About this standard

German, English and French
NBN Electro
Publication date
21 January 2024
NBN EN 60938-2-1:2000
ICS Code
29.100.10 (Magnetic components)
31.020 (Electronic components in general)
Withdrawn Date
€ 107,00

About this training


IEC 60938-2-1:2023 is applicable to the drafting of detail specifications for fixed inductors for which safety tests are required for use in electronic equipment.

A blank detail specification is a supplementary document to the sectional specification and contains requirements for style, layout and minimum content of detail specifications. Detail specifications not complying with these requirements shall not be considered as being in accordance with IEC specifications nor shall they so be described.

This edition includes the following significant technical changes with respect to the previous edition:

a) it combines IEC 60938-2-1:1999 and IEC 60938-2-2:1999 into one Blank detail specification (BDS)

b) test schedule for quality conformance inspection is moved to an informative annex (Annex B).