NBN ISO/IEC/IEEE 12207-2:2021

Systems and software engineering — Software life cycle processes — Part 2: Relation and mapping between ISO/IEC/IEEE 12207:2017 and ISO/IEC 12207:2008 (ISO/IEC/IEEE 12207-2:2020)


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Standards committee
Publication date
16 June 2021
ICS Code
35.080 (Software)
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This document provides the mapping expressing corresponding relations between software life cycle
processes in ISO/ IEC/ IEEE 12207:2017 and the processes in ISO/ IEC 12207:2008.
These relations are demonstrated by means of mapping tables that show relationships between
activities and tasks, and process outcomes.
This mapping assists users of ISO/ IEC 12207:2008 to transition to using ISO/ IEC/ IEEE 12207:2017.
This document will help users understand the differences between the reference processes
and requirements of the two editions of ISO/ IEC/ IEEE 12207, and any potential gaps or process
enhancements that can be needed in seeking conformance to and/ or using ISO/ IEC/ IEEE 12207:2017.
Also, this document provides to such users the mapping which helps to identify corresponding process
outcomes, activities and tasks of processes for software systems in ISO/ IEC/ IEEE 12207:2017.
The mapping between ISO/ IEC/ IEEE 12207:2017 and ISO/ IEC 12207:2008 in this document can
be used as a basis to continuously conduct, improve and extend current process assets including
software specific process assets based on ISO/ IEC 12207:2008 for effective implementation of
ISO/ IEC/ IEEE 12207:2017. These process activities and tasks can be applied iteratively.