NBN ISO/IEC 33004:2021

Information technology — Process assessment — Requirements for process reference, process assessment and maturity models (ISO/IEC 33004:2015)


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Standards committee
Publication date
16 June 2021
ICS Code
35.080 (Software)
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This International Standard sets out the requirements for process reference models, process assessment
models, and maturity models. The requirements defined in this International Standard form a structure
which specifies
a) the relationship between the classes of process model associated with the performance of process
b) the relationship between process reference models and prescriptive/ normative models of process
performance, as constituted by, for example, the activities and tasks defined in ISO/ IEC 12207[1]
and ISO/ IEC 15288 [2],
c) the integration of process reference models and process measurement frameworks to establish
process assessment models,
d) the use of common sets of assessment indicators of process performance and process quality in
process assessment models, and
e) the relationship between maturity models and process assessment models and the extent to which
a maturity model can be constructed using elements from different process assessment models.